Friday, June 27, 2008

Unfounded, But Not Completely

So I spoke in the past about the dilemma we faced with our daughter's friend, who used to be her classmate. She and A have become best friends, but it doesn't seem to be mutual. I don't doubt that she likes A a lot, but her loyalty is questionable and maybe that's to be expected. She goes to school and bonds with the other kids with time.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, she bailed on our daughter big time a few weeks back and it really angered me, but that's what kids do. We watched over her the past two weeks and I was worried that it was all for not, but the kids had fun it was fine enough. I'm hoping they'll stay friends and that we'll see eachother, but it will be different since this kid is farmed out to every taker. Not the parents fault, they work, but it must hard on the kids.

My main concern is in the right setting, said girl will bail out on A again, and A is so wrapped up in this girl. Whenever things are not mutual, it's hard, and I'm thinking that it's inevitable that this girl will hurt A again, at some point. Maybe that's a necessary thing, and we shouldn't worry about it. It's just hard.

Our daughter is not perfect, hardly, but she is a loyal friend, and that loyalty is not always reciprocated.

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