Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Last Ultimate?

I hope not.

Fall is in the air, and sadly, as the weather cools and the days get shorter, it's clear that the days that we can UF are numbered. In fact, I'm wondering if that might have been our last UF game, especially with hockey starting and participation dwindling. It's been a great summer with so many new players that span the entire skill spectrum, and I hope it continues next season. For now, maybe it's not such a bad thing to wind things down.

I did learn from the kids at a high school the A is considering that people do play on the team even if they don't go to the school, which is cool because that might be an option for her. These guys are also very cool to N, encouraging him and complimenting him on his skills. I appreciate that. A guy (and girl) needs to have a little ego boost now and then.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Mochi Milena for the pic.

Leader of the Pack

The kids have been involved with the local TV station's Halloween contest, and A has taken the reigns and become the de facto leader. It's nice to see because she takes it very seriously and does a nice job, but it's also stressful for her. I think part of the reason she does take charge is because it means a lot to her and she wants to stay true to her vision. However, as she is learning firsthand, it's not always easy to coordinate so many people who are moving in all sorts of directions. Even in light of this, she remains a leader.

I've seen this in the past with other group projects, and I think she has it in her. When she was taking theater classes at Northern Stage, which was 4-5 years ago, the teacher said she really thought A was a good actor (she reached deep within, as she said) but that she really felt that A had a director's instinct. Kind of cool.

This time around they decided to branch of from the usual routine and do their own thing, so the ball is in their court. It should be interesting to see what comes out of it. We'll find out in a few weeks.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to davidd for the pic.

Road Conditions

There have been some bad vibes on the roads lately, and I don't want to give in to overly superstitious ways of thinking, but it's a little unsettling. I was at work the other night there was some sort of accident on the main road out of Lebanon and traffic was completely stopped. I could see flashing lights in the distance, but that was about it. I ended up turning around and going through Hanover to catch the other highway home, which doubled the time of my journey, but at least I got home.

Then the other day all of us were heading over to catch a show in the big city when we saw a big plume of black smoke rising on the highway. It didn't look good, and by the time we got there, we could see a car that had careened off the highway and was on fire. I mean seriously on fire. There was a fire truck and a cop that were there to deal with it, but we managed to squeeze by before they shut down the road. What was crazy was that as we passed the car, we could feel the heat through the closed windows, and we were probably 50 feet away. I kept thinking the car was going to explode, it was a little scary. Also, since we got by, we didn't help up, which probably would have taken at least an hour.

Finally, the next day I took the kids to the TV studio and on the way home traffic on the 89 was at a standstill. I couldn't believe it, it was just like being in LA. We couldn't see the source, but we managed to get off and take side-streets, which in the end were even worse because everyone else has the same thing in mind. We sat in traffic for so long, and what should have taken us 20 minutes ended up being over 1.5 hours. What a drag.

Then again, I shouldn't complain. Nobody got hurt, we weren't in a hurry, and in the end we made it home safely. That's what really matters, right?

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Moving to the Inside

Now that I'm done with the exterior, and I do think I'm officially done (at least until My Mentor points out what I screwed up), I can now turn my attention to the interior, which is good since the weather is getting colder, though the job itself if pretty daunting. So much so, in fact, that I sometimes look at it in despair and want to just lie down until it goes away. Like all things, however, you just have to take it one step at a time until it slowly starts to dwindle. Truth be told, there are certain things that I do know how to do.

The first thing is insulation. I think it's fair to say that I've got a pretty handle on the situation... ha, famous last words. One of the hard parts is done, which was putting in the ventilation from the soffit to the ridge vent. I am in the process of putting in fiberglass, and when that's done, I will put rigid foam over that. Then we're ready fors
drywall, and we're looking good. I won't count my chickens before they hatch, but it's something I can do over the colder months. We shall see.

Once the walls are done, it's just flooring and the interior is in pretty good shape. Since I'm moving into new and uncharted territories, at least for me, it goes without saying that I'll be constantly consulting with My Mentor, but that's what mentors are for, right?

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to BGSU RecWell for the pic.  

Scoring Costumes at the Listen Center

We headed over to my favorite store, the Listen Center, to look for Halloween stuff for the kids, and managed to score some cool stuff. A is all set for her costume, but N is still figuring things out. He toyed with the idea of being something furry, so we headed over not sure what to expect. They are having their annual Halloween sale, so our timing was good. As you can imagine, there was so much stuff to choose from, and we found something that might work out. We also found a killer winter coat for N, as well as some cools shoes for A. I love when that happens.

I am still on a quest to find A a winter coat, but it's a little more complicated with her because she's hip and stylish. Practical boring stuff just won't cut it, which I understand. We may have to look for something new for her because fashion doesn't always come easy, or for that matter, at a bargain price. For now the search continues.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Pets Adviser for the pic.

Keeping Watch

Every 4-5 years my trusty old watch needs a new battery, and I've been scrambling to find a way to get it done right. There are jewelry stores in the area that will do it for a reasonable price and probably get it done in a timely manner, but none of them can guarantee that it will remain water tight. There is an official authorized Seiko repair shop in New Jersey, the only one apparently in the U.S., but they won't give me a quote via email or on the phone. I have to send them the watch and only after they've looked at it will they give me a quote. I can then choose whether or not I want to do it, which is a drag because if it's too expensive I don't want to. I also think it's lame that they can't just tell me something as routine as changing a watch battery, but I do want it waterproof.

So I'm left with a dilemma. I could just do it locally, which would be quick and affordable, and then just not swim with it on. Or I could mail it in and hope for the best, which I'm guessing won't be too horrible, but you just never know. What to do, what to do.

Part of me resents Seiko for making this more complicated than it need be, but what are you doing to do?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Ed Reeves for the pic.

Tomato Bounty

This summer was a good one in terms of weather, not too hot and not too much rain (but enough). Since we didn't have the usual long stretches of hot weather, certain things in the garden did not excel as they usually do, especially the tomatoes. Everyone complained about the same thing, the tomatoes were growing slowly and stayed green for a long time. We planted a ton of tomatoes, and had plenty of fruit, but again, they remained green.

Toward the end of summer, however, the tomatoes seemed to get a second wind and suddenly we were harvesting them by the bucket load. In fact, we use upward of 60-70 plum tomatoes per market, and our garden bounty helped us out in this regard, at least for the last few markets. It was pretty cool, and some customers could recognize and appreciate our using home grown tomatoes. Saving money and pleasing customers, isn't that what commerce is all about?

Next year I think with some proper planning, we could use our own tomatoes and cucumbers more effectively. It will take some organization and effort, but how cool would that be?

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Corey Burger for the pic.