Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Perfect Market Day

Here we are with another perfect forecast for the market: sunny and hot until right around the beginning of the market, when a massive thunderstorm is supposed to move in. For the record, it's been sunny and pleasant leading up to it, and is supposed to cool off and be beautiful and pleasant after the market. Don't you just love it?

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Frisbee Dog-Walking

A week or two back we watched HH's animals while she was a away, and she obtained two new kittens which are very cute and fun to play with, so the kids got a kick out of going over there. This helps because I feel bad for her dog, who sits at home all day by his lonesome and needs to get out. With that in mind, we went for extra visits and took him on extra long walks. The kids played with the kittens while I walked the dog.

At some point we felt like he needed more stimulation so we drove him over to the field and played disc golf and let him roam around. He's a good dog so he didn't get too crazy, and if anything, I think he was getting tired because disc golf requires a bit of walking. It was hot, as well, and we all jumped into the brook and he was more than happy to follow suit. He's basically a Lab mix, so he was made for water. It was fun, we all got out and played disc golf, which we all are becoming more interested in, and the dog got plenty of fresh air. Everyone was happy, which is our goal in life.

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Contact Sport

You don't think of UF as a contact sport, but there have been a few injuries, including to myself. In fact, I've been bounced around a few times, and have done a bit of bouncing myself. Usually it's me running into someone who outweighs me by 50-100 pounds, so I just bounce off them, but a few weeks back I was jumping up to get the disc when my friend CT tried to intercept it and slammed me into the ground. He's bigger and thicker than me, so I went flying and landed on my hand. I seriously thought I broke my hand, but I think I sprained my finger. It still hurts to this day.

Then, about a week back, I was running by the person with the disc and they just happened to throw the thing just as I was passing and it nailed me right in the face, square on the nose. I went down immediately and thought it was broken. It swelled up and there was no blood, but it sure did hurt. A few people have left the game with injuries, which is a bummer but I think that's what happens when you get the testosterone flowing and bodies flying. People should keep in mind that we're not that hardcore and it's all about fun, but then again, there are a fair number of teenage boys out there, so things are going to happen.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Garden Update

There is a critter amongst us, but we knew that would be an issue when we signed onto this project. In years past we'd battled woodchucks and deer, and have found it's just a losing battle. You can't beat nature, nor I guess, should you. It's their world, right? Either way, it can be frustrating and disheartening, but you do the best you can and roll with it. Our high-tech solution seems to have limited capabilities on certain fronts, and one front in particular is woodchucks, especially since a colony seems to live nearby.

For weeks we had no problems and things were moving along smoothly until we noticed that something was eating our squash plants. Thankfully they left the tomatoes alone, but gradually the squash started to disappear until some of the plants were completely gone. What a bummer. I put wire barriers around them, but the beast simply collapsed them to get to the plants, which were starting to flower. Some of the plants are right next to the radar gun, too. Oh well, at this point I feel that if he eats the squash and leaves the tomatoes alone, that's about as much as I can ask for. We'll see how this one goes.

We have three plots going so between them we should get some sort of crop this year... I hope. Weeding thus far hasn't been too bad because we have been making an effort to stay on top of it, and so far, so good. Stay tuned for more.

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Market Day

We had a good market day this week, and the weather seemed to go in reverse compared to past weeks. The last few weeks we got slammed with thunderstorms and what made it worse was the weather was nice before and after market day. This time around, it poured the day/night before, and we woke up to gray skies and rain the day of the market. By late morning, however, the rain stopped, and as we headed to the market, the weather was pleasant. The storm cooled things off.

Not taking anything for granted, we approached the day with measured happiness, figuring a storm could come and slam us at any minute. I think everyone at the market felt the same way, but the big one never came, and we had nice weather for the entire day. Business was good, and we sold out of our product. It even got a little crazy at times. Probably the best day we've had all season, keeping in mind that the season has been pretty poor up to this point, not that I'm complaining. At this point, I'll take it and be happy with it.

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Frisbee in the Rain

Last weekend we went to the race track that was part of the NASCAR circuit, and since we didn't stay until the end, we got home in the late afternoon, which meant we could whip together a quick supper for later, and then hit the ultimate frisbee field. I wasn't sure we would be home in time, figuring the race would be an all day affair. Plus, it was raining, but there were plenty of people out there. In fact, we had a good crowd, which just goes to show you, UF people are hardcore. If anything, the rain was light and made it cool and pleasant to play.

It was wet and slippery out there, but that adds to the entertainment value as everyone ends up on their rear end at some point. The disc was slippery, but we're not that competitive, and it's more about fun, which suits us just fine. A little friendly competition is fine, but not at a high level, at least not yet.

We weren't even sure we were going to play because of the weather, but it just goes to show you that it takes a lot to turn away dedicated UF players. I will say this, the kids are really into it and will go out of their way to play. That's good enough for me.

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Riding the Trails

N and I hit the mountain bike trails for the first time, and it was pretty cool. It was hard work, no doubt, but I think N enjoyed it, and I have to confess, it was fun. There are extensive trails nearby at Ascutney and I was told they had some easier stuff for neophytes like us. It was just a question of motivating and getting over there. N has been itching to do it, and I figured the time had come. I'd love for this to become a regular thing because it's great for him to get out and exert himself. Plus, trail riding has the cool "X-Games" thing going for it.

I wanted to get a trail map over at Paradise Sports but RH, the owner, who for the record is a way cool dude, said that for beginners, the best thing was to just go to the mountain and look at the big map posted at the trailhead, which is what we did. Of course, we couldn't make sense out of what the map was telling us, so we just started riding. We couldn't find the actual trail at first, and just sort of rode around the open fields and over the terrain area. It was hot so it was not as enjoyable as it should have been, and at one point I thought we should just leave. We decided to venture a little further ahead, which meant climbing a decent sized hill, when the trail branched off into the woods, and that's when things got cool, both literally and figuratively.

As you can imagine, once we got into the woods, it was a lot cooler being out from under the sun. Plus, the trail was really neat, winding through the trees. It was an adventure, and I wished we would have found it sooner because at some point we were hot and thirsty. We headed back to the car but at least we broke the ice and now know the drill. Hit the woods right away and bring plenty of water. Cooler weather would be nice, but you can't have it all when you're having fun in the wilds of New England.

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