Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Heat

The heat is starting to get brutal and ugly, just the way I loathe it. I still can't relate to people who love the heat, and yet spend all their time in the air conditioning. Live and let live. We went swimming at the Hanover swimming pool at Storrs pond and had a blast, mainly because we hung out with the M's. Their kids are so nice, and we have a lot of fun with them. N was swimming like a fish, his first time without his vest, so he's now an official swimmer. Great to see, for practical reasons, and also because it's yet another milestone for him. AND, he can have that much more fun, enjoying his time in the water that much more.

A had a big day, as well. She jumped off the diving board after pondering it for the entire day. You could see her mulling it over since her friends were all doing it, and yet she was pensive. Finally, right as we were about to leave, she decided she wanted to do it, and went for it. Then there was no stopping her. I'm proud of both of them for going for it, and making that transition. It's big for kids to feel the thrill of knowing they can do something, especially without mom or dad's help.

The pool is an interesting place to swim. Lots of intense suburban city folks there, or at least some facsimile thereof. It's all so suburban, such a scene. It reminds me so much of going to the pool in Providence, you go to the pool and hang out and socialize. Ditch your kids, get dolled up and see your friends. The kids, meanwhile, are left to their own devices. There are some parents who really want to engage their kids, but a lot can't get rid of them fast enough. Their minds are too wrapped up in some moment in the future that may never come.

Either way, if not for the Ms, we'd never go near the place. It's too angry and intense for us, and we don't drive a nice enough car. That's what it is, it's all so very clubby. Very reminiscent of the Quechee Club. We have several friends who have moved to Hanover and I'm curious to see how they will adjust to their new hip environment. The stuff that dreams were made of? Perhaps.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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