Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Side Out (or In?)

I finally managed to finish the siding, at least on the first floor, and now we are ready for winter, though the house wrap did a pretty darn good job of protecting the siding from the elements. Sure, it looked awful, but the wood underneath was shielded from the weather, I was pretty impressed.

Yesterday I went out and finished the siding, putting on the last board and breathing a huge sigh of relief. That last 20 feet of wall space seemed to take forever, taunting me in an odd sort of way. I still have a few boards left over, which I will save to use on the dormers, which most definitely won’t happen until next year. I will use my birthday present from R&JR to get a small propane space heater so I can work during the cold months inside, putting in insulation. Yet another adventure awaits me.

In the meantime, I can sit back and enjoy the moment, at least until the next moment comes along and hits me over the head.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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