Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy Birthday to N

Monday was N's big birthday, and our boy is growing up. We spent a nice day on the golf range doing nine holes, though it was cold and the leaves make it a challenge to find your ball. There was some question as to whether the range was even open since we are well into the fall season, but we called and they said they a week or two more to go. Say no more. I took A into school and then came back home so N and I could hang out and do guy things on his big day. I was originally going to take him to lunch at Five Guys or Moe's and then head to Fore-U to get some ice cream. It was Fore-U's last day and they give the stuff away until it's gone. I had always wanted to go on free ice cream day but never managed to make it for a number of logistical reasons, so we were hoping to make it this time around.

The one complication was that we were planning on doing lot of eating out and ice cream and cake consuming, so we had to temper things just a bit. We asked N what he wanted to do for supper and he indicated Jesse's, which is a good choice except that they give you a free hot fudge sundae on your birthday. We were planning on hitting Fore-U for the final day of the season, on which they give away all their ice cream for free until it's gone. I'd always wanted to attend this event but never made it. Since it was N's big day, I figured the time was perfect. This caused some consternation amongst the health conscious in our household because were also having cake and ice cream after supper, in addition to a free sundae at the restaurant. What's a boy to do?

We decided to reach a compromise: we would go to Fore-U (they only had soft serve left, but good enough), skip the sundae at Jesse's (he got a rack of ribs, so he was happy), and then come home and eat mom's famous chocolate fudge cake (a real winner) with ice cream. I think that was fair.

By the end of it we were stuffed, and he got some pretty cool presents, but more on that later.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Piece of Cake Cupcakes for the pic.

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