Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Family Visit

This is long after the fact, but I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We traveled out of state to visit family and I have to say that it was really nice time, mainly because we got to hang out together and we had lots of down time to a whole lot of nothing. My kind of trip. We left on Thanksgiving Day which is kind of unusual but because everyone had traveled prior to that and was sitting at home stuffing their faces, the trip was quiet and smooth sailing all the way there. We flew out of Manchester and made our connection with no problems whatsoever. I even think the connecting flight had empty, so we had space to stretch out.

We arrived in OH, got the rental car, and arrived at our destination no problem. We stayed at our usual haunt, Hampton Inn, and as usual it was a great place to stay. Clean, comfortable, and good service. We tried to spend as much time as possible with my in-laws but at some point the kids get a little restless, and who can blame them. Adults are so boring because all they want to do is talk. I think it gets harder as they get older, but I have to give them credit, they sit quietly and endure and never complain, even though they every reason to complain. Fortunately between mom and myself, we can sense when things are getting restless and can come up with an alternative plan, like letting them watch movies on the computer, or better yet, YouTube.

As I may have mentioned, I had a great trip because I got to chill out and relax, eat food that I didn't have to prepare, and take lots of naps. What better life a man can lead, I know not. Plus, while the girls went out to shop, me and N went to the movies or hung out and did guy things. I took him to see the Martian and then A joined us to see Spectre, which I have to say was not the greatest Bond movie but was good. Plus, we managed to sneak in a little Arby's, though it was a bummer that A didn't get to imbibe. Oh well, maybe next time.

Our family meal was wonderful as usual, with the Amazing PR Man and DR joining in the festivities. I think it was nice for all of us to be together though we don't get to do it enough. People just have too much going on in their lives to make it happen, but what are you going to do? The weather for the week was pretty poor, cold and rainy for almost the entire time, which was fine because it only made me want to go to sleep, which I did.

All in all a good week, though I would like to mention that the trip home was a bit more of a chore. That seems to always be the case, somehow getting home is never that simple. It was smooth sailing driving there, but we seem run into the issue of finding a gas station once we're there. It is funny to point out that we always end up at the same gas station about a mile away. As we pull in, I think to myself, this place sure looks familiar. The second issue that we ran into was that we flew on Southwest, and I personally think that airline is lame. They don't assign seats but instead give you a number and you wait in line. We seem to end up toward the end of the line so when we board, everyone has already gotten their seats, which are the aisles and windows. We had to sit in the middle, which is not a big deal except that we'd like for the kids to be together on the flight. This way they can watch a movie. It worked out but not until the zero hour and we were literally at the back of the plane. I ended up next to this guy that was huge and took over my arm rest. He didn't seem to mind, however, that I was practically leaning on top of him during the flight. What was I supposed to do?

Our connection was even more crowded, and the plane had some mechanical issues so they had to delay the flight. I tried to see if they'd let the kids go earlier so they could sit together, and the lady said yes, for $30/kid. Talk about lame. When the plane finally boarded, there were so many people I figured there was no way the kids would be together, but lo and behold, they got the last two seats next to each other on the plane, I kid you not. Talk about relief. I really don't like Southwest, and I don't even think they're that overwhelmingly cheap.

By the time we landed in New England, it was late in the evening and we still had to make the long drive home. We sat and had a bite to eat (mom actually agreed to pizza) and then climbed into the car and headed home. The drive wasn't so bad, the weather is on the warm side and traffic was light. It was nice getting home, though the house was cold. We got a fire going, ate a snack, and then climbed into bed so we could get rested up for another big day. You have to hit the ground running in our house.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Jim Brickett for the pic.

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