Thursday, December 10, 2015

Learning a New Trick

Like an old dog learning a new trick, I've been adapting to modern times and embracing new technology, though since I'm old, new technology for me is still a step behind what the young folks are up to. You've got to start somewhere, right? Now personally I didn't embrace the whole texting thing, and think that texting behind the wheel of your car is the stupidest thing ever. I have noticed, however, that some people often don't answer their phones, and never check their voicemails. This can prove to be inconvenient when you're trying to communicate with them.

I've been experiencing this with some of the guys I work with. They are addicted to their phones just like everyone else, but getting in touch with them is a bit of a challenge because they all prefer to, you guessed it, text. While I've called and left messages on their voicemails, only to get nothing in the way of a response, I found that texting gets immediate results. Go figure. With this in mind, I sent my first text a few weeks back and communicate regularly with said individuals employing this methodology. It's a pain because my phone is so old that it has the old/traditional keypad, so it takes about 30 seconds just to type a letter, much less compose a text, which can take upwards of five minutes. Talk about stupid.

Because it's such a challenge, I only do it when I have to, which I for one think is a good thing. I have no inclination to text and only do it when needed, though I understand its appeal. It's like getting email on your phone, only it's immediate.

I toyed with getting a more modern phone but have yet to take the plunge. Part of me doesn't want to make texting easier because I still think it's lame, but I wouldn't mind having a camera on my phone. We'll see where this one goes.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to for the pic.

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