Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tunbridge Fair reprise

Just wanted to mention a funny and neurotic moment I had at the fair, but first a little background.

We had, once again, a bumper crop of cucumbers this year, and I'm never really sure why we plant so many. What exactly are you supposed to do with cucumbers? We decided this year to try pickling them and making relish. It's actually not that hard to make cucumbers, and they come out pretty good. They're good to give away, and R and I like them, though the kids are a bit lukewarm to them.

The relish, however, is hard due to all the chopping. It can take you days. The recipe we have said they used the Pampered Chef chopper, which made it all easier. I figured it was some sort of chopping device, and thought it would help, or some sort of food processor. Anyway, at the fair, they had a big auditorium devoted to real-man equipment. There were all sorts of heavy machines like tractors and snowmobiles and ATVs, some with rifle mounts. However, nestled in a small corner was a booth for Pampered Chef stuff, if you can believe that, and I could see the chopping device.

However, I wasn't about to go over the kitchen utensil stand in the midst of all those real men, so I smiled pleasantly at the woman behind the counter and kept walking right on by. Another lost opportunity, foiled by call to be a real man. Oh well, at least I'll get lots of practice chopping with my knife.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to sanja gjenero for the pic.

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