Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cartoons, Creativity, and Colds

Thanks to HH and A&I for letting us know about the cartoon seminar at the Public Library. JS of the Cartoon School in WRJ led the show, and not only was it loads of fun for everyone involved, but the guy is a scream. Everyone was rolling in the aisles. I read his book, Adventures in Cartooning, on how to cartoon and thought it was a scream. A&N had a blast and I think it would be a fun outlet for their creative endeavors. Something to think about for the future. Plus, they got to play with their buddies, A&I, who I still think are great kids.

On the subject of creative endeavors, A&N have been actively engaged in all sorts of fun stuff, but what is particularly striking is that N is coming into his own. He's such an engineer, just like his grandad and uncle. Give him tools and machines any day and he's happy. Plus he's so inquisitive, we love to see it. Any sort of device or machine that has buttons or makes sounds will immediately grab his attention, and he's just aching to fiddle with it and check it out, though his ideal scenario is to get his hands on it and take it apart. This usually results in the demise of said device, but that's the price we have to pay for knowledge and understanding, right? In the past, he rode his sister's coattails and went along with whatever activities she dreamed up, but that meant she was in charge.

Lately he's been doing his own thing, which is really cool to see. In fact, he spent a long time upstairs with his Legos and made this really cool climbing gym, complete with its own parking lot. When he brought it down, I was floored by not only the coolness of it, but the creativity and conceptualization that it required. There was some serious thought involved in it. Nicely done. A added her own touch by placing the guy at the top with his hands raised in triumph. N benefits from watching his sister, who is pretty creative in her own right. She's constantly coming up with these cool ideas and then implementing them into real life. Of course, I have to include her Lego Space Warrior, aptly named Tim.

Also got to talk house stuff with KK and CF, both excellent sources of wisdom about energy efficiency and building, so I got some insight into insulation. Actually, what we discussed was pretty much in line with what I'd been told by the millions of people that I've asked over the past few months, but it's good to know the information is still valid.

On the home front, we've all been battling colds, and it was only a matter of time before it got to me. Sure enough, I'm feeling that all too familiar tickling at the back of my throat that's telling me that my time has come. Bummer, I can't really afford to get sick, because there is so much to be done. I'm busy enough as it is, but to tend to my illness is just one more thing to burden me, but such is life. The beauty of parenting is that you are not afforded the luxury of wallowing in self pity, a habit I used to abuse when I was single. So I'll just keep a box of tissue handy at all times, or use my shirt sleeve.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to David Lat for the pic.

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