Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holidays Already?

I still can't believe it's already Thanksgiving, and that we'll soon need to think about getting a Christmas Tree. The weather has been so warm and there's not a hint of snow, which is a bummer on the one hand, but also a bonus when you're outside trying to fix a barn. I'm not complaining.

I think we've finalized our Thanksgiving meal, which will involve a lot of baking. The kids were bummed about not having a turkey, but it's good to try new things, and healthier ones, to boot. But I'll sure miss that gravy.

Audrey's chorus has been going well, though I think they are getting a bit ambitious. They are going to perform six or seven songs, and with costumes and props. It's hard enough to get 14 kids to learn the moves and the lyrics, but to engage an audience through all that will be a challenge, though every parent of the kids in the chorus will be riveted. I know we'll be. They handed out the songs on cassette tape and it we realized we don't really have a cassette player. We finally borrowed one but thought it would be better on CD.

I offered to burn the songs on CD and make copies for everyone, which was kind of counterproductive because it's not as if I need yet another thing to do. Then again, the chorus is reliant on volunteer support, and how can you not offer to help when it involves the kids? So I burned 14 CDs and the instructor handed them out. What's amazing is that we have a CD of kid's Christmas Carols sung by a kids choir, and every song the group is singing is on that CD. How cool is that? Good fortune was with us on that one.

I also volunteered to bring snacks for next week's chorus, but learned at the last minute that they want the snacks a week ahead of time so they have them ready at the get-go. I had to scramble to round up food and drink. We also offered to make some props, but I'll enlist the kids to help me on that one. I feel like such a suburban mom.

The teacher is very enthusiastic about the show, and that's a wonderful thing, though when I get glimpses of the rehearsals, I still think she may be getting a little ambitious. Plus, she is still tweaking the program and taking suggestions from the kids, who are fickle to begin with. What she should have done was chosen two or three songs, made it simple, and stuck to her guns. Instead, it's a bit chaotic, with kids complaining and not sure what to sing. There is choreography, as well, which is daring, to say the least.

One final bright note, the kids will be wearing costumes, and they needed a snowman for when they sing Frosty. A took an old bunny costume (sans tail) that JR had made for her for Halloween (JR did a brilliant job, as usual, though if you asked her, she would probably only point out the faults) in and the kids unanimously voted her to be Frosty. She was thrilled, as were we.

N had his drum lessons this week and he's still excited about it. I hadn't heard from the teacher in a week after we'd discussed the possibility of having the lessons at his house since he was a neighbor. This might have been awkward for him since we don't know him nor he us. I sensed some reservations on his part, and in an effort to be proactive, emailed him and said that maybe it was too complicated to have the lessons at his house, and instead have them at the music store like before. He immediately got back to me and said great, which seemed to confirm my suspicions. Besides, as I mentioned, we don't really know this guy, and to have N take lessons over at his house is a little weird. Plus, A can peruse the guitars and even play them. I get a huge kick out of her picking a guitar off the racks and playing it in the store. I want to yell the guys who work there, "Are you hearing this? She's only 8 years old." Of course, I never do. Nothing more obnoxious than an ostentatious parent. I know, because I am one.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to C. Weber for the pic.

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