Thursday, April 7, 2016

Brown Landscape

This weather is crazy, and I have to say I'm not a fan. Not that what I think matters a bit, but I need something to whine about. Not only was winter beyond disappointing, but it won't let go, and we are all ready for spring. We've had brief glimpses of spring but within a couple of days winter returns. It hovered around 60 degrees in the past couple of days, and now I'm hearing that the temps are going to drop below 20 degrees. That's crazy.

The combination of a mild and short winter means that there is no snow left on the ground, and since it's still early spring, the green stuff hasn't shown itself and probably won't for awhile so it's all brown. Consequently, the landscape looks a bit bleak, which is something I'm not used to. Usually by the time the snow is all gone, things are looking pretty green, but not this year.

At least the trees are starting to bud, and once the grass comes up, things will be green again, so it's really just a matter of time.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Ben Carlisle for the pic.

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