Tuesday, April 26, 2016

First Grilling

We love to barbecue and believe it or not, last year we didn't grill at all. Not once. Kind of a bummer, but we were pretty swamped with all sorts of activities, especially the farmer's market and me being a working class stiff. It just seemed like we never had time to sit down and fire up our tiny grill.

With the crazy weather we're having, it seems like we've been going back forth on the warm and cool temps, though in my opinion, spring has arrived. A few days back we had a stretch of warm days and I figured it was as good time a time as any to break out the grill and cook up some vittles. We were having fish, and grilling is a great way to cook it, albeit a challenging way. The problem with fish is that once it cooks, it becomes very fragile and crumbly. We grilled fish in Grand Turk and I screwed it up by putting it on the grill too soon and turning it too many times. It just doesn't work that way.

At home, we actually have a fish grilling apparatus that makes it all possible. You basically sandwich the fish between two metal grates that have a handle. With the fish enclosed, you can flip the thing as many times as you like, and believe me, when it comes to grilling, I'm a flipper. I can't help but tinker with the food. Either way, we cooked the fish and it came out fantastic, slightly charred and crispy and tender and juicy on the inside. It was also nice to break in the grill since we didn't use it once last year. Hopefully we'll get a chance to use it often this summer.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Stefan Moget for the pic.

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