Thursday, December 15, 2016

Learning Art

A few months back I got an email about a homeschool art class but didn't think the kids were that interested in it. How many art classes can you take? We used to do art classes all the time, and they were fun but usually involved crafts and paper folding, the sort of stuff we could do on our own. I realize there is a social aspect to taking a class, but they aren't necessarily that cheap, and since they're geared toward homeschoolers, attendance is thin.

As a consequence, I didn't pay much attention to the email. That is, of course, until A said that she had some friends who took it and gave it high marks. She said she was interested, and as it turns it, it isn't that far from our house, and it's affordable (I love when that happens). I wasn't really sure what to expect when we enrolled her but so far it's been very cool. The artist LH teaches out of her house/farm and it's not just finger painting and doodling. They do some serious art, and she is going to teach A how to paint on canvas. This involves stretching her own canvas, mixing paints, and all that other good stuff, which happen to be things A said she was interested in learning. They'll get a short break over the holidays but otherwise the class just keeps going throughout the year. A enjoys it, her friends take it, and it's not killing my wallet. What more can a dad ask for... besides a phat nap?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Gore908 for the pic.

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