Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Rock and Roll Pancakes

A's band had a gig at the Skinny Pancake in the big city and it was quite the show. All the bands at Tuck's played and there was a good turnout at the restaurant. It was packed, and finding a place to watch the band was not that easy. It would have been a lot easier had we sat down and ordered supper, but we had already eaten, and all we really wanted to do was sit and hear some live music. With this in mind, we didn't want to take up tables for paying customers, though I guess we could have ordered drinks. Then again, we don't drink.

Either way, we snuck our way to the front of the venue and had a good view of the stage. A's new band was really good. I'm trying to be objective here, but they have good chemistry and energy on stage; they're a lot of fun to watch because it looks like they're having a lot of fun up there. It helps that they have a really talented new singer who not only has a good voice but also a good stage presence. The singer really puts themselves out there, more than anyone else, and the band can sink or swim onstage based on their presence. Like Steven Tyler said, they get all the glory, but they also take all the abuse when things aren't firing.

I think what was fun to watch with A's band is that they seem to jive together, and some sort of communication and fun chemistry is at play. I know that A really likes the band and I'm glad for that. Her previous singer had a beautiful voice and I really enjoyed watching her, but she was a bit more pensive on stage. The new singer's voice is not as melodic but has more soul. In a lot of ways she has a better rock and roll singing voice because sometimes rock music calls for a little rougher edge and more soul. Think Janis Joplin and Neil Young.

After A's performance the kids wanted to hang out with their friends, which worked out well because mom had to slip over to work for a short time and I needed to get some things at the store. I dropped her off, did my shopping, and then picked her up and we headed back to the Pancake. By that time the bands were done and a lot of people had left, though we still had to pry the kids away from the scene. This, of course, is not necessarily a bad thing because it just means they were having fun. I love when that happens.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to a.rey for the pic.

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