Monday, April 28, 2008

A Great Day

Have been having a string of good days as of lately. Today we spent at home holed up with the rain and all, but we managed to walk over to J&N house and check out their pond. We had a blast just exploring the woods and playing in the pond, even though the water was cold and the rain was unrelenting. The kids were in great spirits and they didn't want to a leave, always a good sign.

The pond itself is set back in the woods through a trail of trees that makes a nice canopy to walk under. We saw one frog, but mega quantities of eggs, and we think in a week or two there will be mondo-frogs to be seen. Can't wait.

The walk home was find, about a mile round trip, which is significant for a four year old. I keep thinking of that book Last Child in the Woods, and how much it means to us to have access to nature, right in our backyard.

Came home, started a fire in the stove. We're still burning wood, it's lucky that we have some leftover, and it's gotten cool again.

Tomorrow begins the rat race once again, so stay tuned.

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