Monday, April 14, 2008

The Job Hunt

I've decided to give it a go at freelance writing. I currently work part-time at Dartmouth and then spend most of my day with the children at my "real" job. No, it sure isn't easy, but the best things in life don't come easy, right? Whatever that means.

Life up here in the Upper Valley ain't easy. It's expensive. Not just the price of housing, which shocked me, but the cost of food and entertainment. While we both have job, albeit part-time for myself, and we do not live extravagantly by any means, it still seems like every month is a challenge.

And we only have one car.

Looking around me, I don't know how some families do it. They have two new cars, a stay-at-home parent, usually the mom, and tons and tons of stuff. Where does all the money come from? I know where it goes.

Either way, that's them, this is us. We are not broke, nor are we destitute by any means. But things are tight, and even though you budget each month and things always make sense, surprises always come up. Unplanned expenses are a given, so in a way, a budget doesn't alway make sense.

I am in the process of looking for another job, one that will pay me to work at home so that I can be with the kids. Asking for too much? Maybe, but then again, I've found that asking for too little doesn't always get you far.

There are jobs out there. I'm still not clear how they can afford to pay people to write, much less make any money. While the pay is peanuts, it's still money going out. It's a pretty amazing thing. Lots of resources out there, but one thing is universal. YOU NEED EXPERIENCE.

I'm working on that last part.

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