Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Week

Last week we had a great week. The kids had fun, we accomplished a lot of stuff, and when things go well for the kids, then they go well for R and I. Where do I begin?

It started out poorly, actually. A got really sick after last Friday's contradance, which was a blast. The kids had so much fun, there were so many children there and they were all very nice and they played so well together. We love contradance! But it was exhausting, and A came down with some sort of bug. We skipped dance on Saturday and laid low all weekend. She didn't want to go to Montshire camp, either, so it was a pretty tame week at first.

We had fun just hanging out around the house, but at one point she was pretty sick and of course we we worried. When she broke her fever and felt better, we venture out into the warm Spring weather and her spirits lifted.

We've been thinking tennis might be fun for the kids, I love it, personally, so we headed over to Kmart to get them rackets and me a helmet for my bike. My daughter brought a tear to my eye when she said she didn't want some "silly Disney racket" with pictures on it. Say no more.

We headed over to Stateline Sports and got some generic kids rackets, and we were set. On Thursday we went to Omer and Bob's to get her a new bike, and she loves it. They have a yearly consignment sale we scored a 20inch kids bike with hand brakes and gears! It suits her perfectly and she's excited.

N accepted her getting a new bike, he's a great sport, but he gets her cool bike and we can soup it up. One of the things I love about Omer and Bob's is that there are no Barbie or Dora bikes, just the real deal. They cost a little more, but you lose all the commercial BS. I'll take that any day over saving a few bucks.

On Friday we did our HS art class and the kids/families are so nice. We feel lucky to have Cobb Hill so close by, and we can go over there at any time and just hang out. We're getting the neighborhood thing going. Saturday was dance, and Sunday C came over. Again, we feel lucky to have neighbors close who are cool.

Yesterday, Tuesday, we were heading off to Montshire camp and managed to squeeze in some ice cream at at the Ben and Jerry's free cone day. Just goes to show you what you can pull off if you try, we had no time but went for it anyway.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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