Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I never really know how these things transpire, but are busy as heck over here. With all this talk of simplifying and slowing things down, life just seems to get crazier. It seems as if every day we have some event to attend to, and when we have a day off, we still manage to find somewhere to be. Thank goodness for my Mentor and his car. We couldn't live without that thing, though I'm aware that our time in Eden is limited, and with this in mind, we are initiating our search for a second car, or at least a horse drawn carriage. Again, R and I have philosophical differences in this arena. I'm all for buying cheap and driving it into the ground, while she wants to wait and get something good that will last. Personally, I would take anything that moves, just to have a vehicle.

We'll work this out, not that we have a choice.

Having the second vehicle has enabled us to partake in numerous extracurricular activities, which also can make a person crazy, but what parent out there isn't a little crazy? Both the kids are doing drama, which takes up Mon and Tue, and there are drum lessons on Wed, followed by our regular playdate with GK&T, then A has her musical at school on Thu and Fri, and guitar lessons on Fri. Now that the weather is nicer, we'll probably do some swimming, and once summer kicks in, all heck will break loose. We are doing summer camp this year, but it somehow struck me as exorbitant. They raised their prices, I'm sure of it. All the more reason to get my glorious freelance career up and running, so we can afford this fabulously opulent life.

In the coming month, our town is putting on its own play, and of course A is going to be in that. I know this sounds crazy, but there is a reason for all the madness. I asked A if she were interested in partaking in all these things, and she was enthusiastic about all of them. The main thing is, she's getting a lot of great kid interacting, and with the exception of the drama class, they are, for the most part, low stress. I had planned for it to be that way. We don't have aspirations for our kids to be movie stars, but wanted them to interact with kids with similar interests in an environment that was filled with quirky, imaginative, and individualistic people. What better place than drama?

Either way, she's doing a great job, and enjoying it, and making lots of new friends while also hanging with old ones. A lot of the kids in the school play were also in the Xmas Choir, so she's maintaining friendships.

And, N is really jiving with the kids in his drama class. How cool is that? It's really the guys, they seem to get together and just click, because they can be silly and crazy and just let loose. A good step towards finding his own way. We're just happy that the loves the class so much.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Jayson Kingsbeer for the pic.

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