Saturday, March 27, 2010

Busy Week, No Time to Breathe

It seems as if the more we try to simplify life and slow things down, the crazier things get. It could be do to the weather change. As we shift into Spring, there is so much to do, on the home front and with kid's activities.

Case in point, with all the stuff the A&N have going on, we are running around quite a bit. It's a bit crazy, though I think the kids sort of like it. The classes for drama are a lot of fun, but for A, they require a bit of diligence and work, because she not only has to remember her lines, but she has to add a little panache, being an actor, and all. She's good at it, and she's also has a pretty good memory, so it works out, though initially she was a bit frustrated and overwhelmed. I do think she benefits from a little challenge, as do all of us.

A has three drama productions currently going, and sometimes I ask myself what I've gotten her into. She has the school musical, the drama class, and the local play. In all honesty, I only wanted her in the school play to be immersed with other kids her age. Plus, a lot of them are her friends, and it's nice for her to be with them on a regular basis. She's playing a supporting role, so the pressure is not high, and she likes it.

The local play will be fun, as well, and will involve mainly something that comes naturally for her - playing guitar and singing. There might be a tiny bit of acting, but for the most part, it will be fun, especially since she gets to work with the locals, doing something she's done before.

The real challenge for her is her class. They have a lot of fun, but they teach real drama here, and it's not just all fun and games. Again, I think it's good for her, even if it's difficult at times. The end result should be the reward, and we'll see how that goes. Her memorizing capabilities and her flair for drama will work in her favor. She's the youngest in the class, which I think is good, because she does better with older kids. Also, she's hanging with the imaginative, creative, and quirky acting types, which also seems to suit her.

On top of all that, we've got plenty of other stuff going on. We have to prepare for the farmer's market, making our product. We did find a local beef provider who has gotten rave reviews for their grass fed beef. They are up in Pomfret, and they homeschool, as well. How cool is that? Actually, her daughter was homeschooled to the age of 14 and is now at the local HS, and her son is being homeschooled but takes classes at the school.

It's funny because I went to pick up the meat around noon, and because I was with the kids, she immediately pegged us as homeschoolers. Ah, so nice to meet kindred spirits in unexpected places. It's amazingly beautiful up there, BTW, and the farm was really nice.

Now we've got the meat, we have to do something with it. Eat it, perhaps? Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Daniel Foster and Marijn van Braak for the pics.

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