Friday, March 12, 2010

Hitting The Ground Running

First day back and we're back in the swing of things. I had to run to the store to get vittles because we were tapped out after returning from our trip. I went to the local Price Chopper, which is good in a pinch, but when you want to do a real food buying trip, you have to go to West Leb. Either way, we are need of healthy eating, something that suffers considerably when you're on the road. I will say this, if I never eat another Oscar Meyer hot dog again, it'll be too soon.

Also, since we've been away, A has been missing some rehearsals for the school play, which she's going to be in. I contacted the teacher and asked if she could join, before consulting with her, of course, thus setting things in motion. I asked her if she was interested, and she said she was, but didn't really know what was in store. We were going to our first rehearsal on Friday.

Fortunately, at least from my POV, we were late in getting in on the show, so the play had been cast and all that was available were supporting roles (flowers, insects, mushrooms, etc.). This took a lot of pressure off but still allowed for A to take part and hang with her buddies, assuming that her friends were in the play.

We jetted off to the school and I finally met JB, the director. Also saw SG and HP in the office, not to mention JM and PA. Anyway, A went to rehearsal, and we saw a bunch of her friends who had the scripts in their hands. Bonus, we knew people in the play. A was excited, as was I.

The rehearsal went well, even though, as I've mentioned, we've missed a few of them. A is pretty good at learning songs, and again, since she's not in the lead, she can ride the coattails of her peers, or hide out amongst them, whichever she chooses.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Scott Liddell for the pic.

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