Sunday, January 25, 2015

Documentary Filmmakers

The kids took part in a program sponsored by CSPAN and CATV where they had to choose a topic that affected them and make a documentary about it. It is a really cool project and they have access to all this footage from the CSPAN archives as well as full use of the CATV equipment. A&N and their buddy NMP were a team and they hit the streets to get public opinion about the F-35 fighter jet, which I touched on earlier when we went to Burlington to get interviews.

It was interesting because kids being kids we had to encourage them to be diligent, or rather R was the one who really took the lead on this one. Equally interesting was A's hard work ethic that really shined. I think it stemmed from her experience with the Halloween project, where she worked hard on her movie and handed it over to a friend who sort of butchered it. Whatever the case, she was disappointed in the end result, and if there's a silver lining to this experience, it's that this time around she was going to take the reigns and hold onto them. She did an amazing job.

A basically wrote the script, researched the info, composed the interview questions, carried out the interviews, chose the archived footage, and edited the final piece. The film is nicely done, but what I really love about it was that she felt inspired and worked really hard on it, and it shows. Plus, because she worked hard, it wasn't a really stressful rush to get it done at the deadline. In fact, they finished in a timely manner and had time to spare.

You know how I feel when that happens. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to naunidranu for the pic.

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