Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sugar On Top

I am a big skeptic of the so-called nutrition experts because not only are they fear-mongers, but they can never seem to agree with one another and they are always (and I mean always) changing their conclusions without admitting they were wrong in the first place. It sort of makes you wonder why we even listen to them, but listen to them we do.

Just recently we watched a documentary about obesity called Fed Up, and the basic message was that the obesity epidemic is rooted in our consumption of sugar, and that all sugar is bad. Well, I have to confess, I am not completely opposed to this idea, and the reality is, we do moderate our sugar intake to some degree. While I do think there's too much sugar in our collective diets (soda consumption alone accounts for this), I don't think we should eliminate it completely, and I can't imagine a childhood devoid of all things sweet.

There were some interesting points in the movie to consider, however, and as a consequence, we are on a mission in this household (some of us begrudgingly) to eat less sugar. There's no question that too much sugar is bad, but I'm a believer that like all things in life, moderation is the key, and a little sugar now and then is not a bad thing, especially if you eat a healthy diet and exercise. I think we fall into this camp, and sure, we could eat even less sugar, but is that really necessary?

The so-called health experts will have you believe that sugar is poison, but isn't that a bit extreme? They've vilified bread (carbs) in the same way, and would go as far as comparing eating a bagel to eating Skittles. I find this a bit ridiculous and even a little irresponsible, but I'm not the expert, right?

Whatever be the case, it is worth trying to cut back on sugar wherever possible. We had the kids watch the movie and I think it struck a chord with them. They are pretty level headed when it comes to food and health, and with mom and dad there to police the effort, we do okay. I'm just not ready for complete abstinence.

I will say this - I'm glad we don't drink soda pop. I think sweetened drinks are a big problem because they not only add all those calories throughout the day, but they must on some level replace healthy calories, as well. 32 oz of soda pop must surely affect your appetite. Plus, water is so much cheaper.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Moyan Brenn for the pic.

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