Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Chimney Blocks

We are finally getting around to pumping our septic tank and it was a complete nightmare trying to find that darn access hatch. After all the blood, sweat, and tears in finding it, I decided that it was time to do things differently, as per the recommendations of the septic guy. Now I'm not sure why the previous owners didn't do this, but since they really knew what they were doing I mindlessly followed in line with their M.O., leaving me to scratch my head and wonder why. The access hatch is about 2 feet down in the ground and the biggest issue was locating it. Foolishly I didn't mark the location properly and started in the wrong place, forcing me to search for it with a shovel. The situation was compounded by the enormous number of sizable rocks that litter the soil, not to mention the hot sun beating down on me. Boy, it's a wonder I make it through the day.

Last time he came the septic guy urged me to get these chimney blocks and use them to elevate the access hatch. The way it works is you stack the blocks, which are hollow, on top of the opening, thus raising it and making it easier to get to the next time you dig. I disregarded his suggestion at the time because I didn't know what the heck chimney blocks were and figured it would just mean more money. Plus, the previous owners didn't do it, why should I?

This time around I realize the folly of my ways and decided to get the darn blocks. When I called to schedule the pumping I inquired about said blocks and they told me to go to this place in West Leb to get them. It wasn't easy to find but I managed to locate it and get the blocks, which weigh about 75 lbs each. I now have them out back and awaiting the septic guy to pump the tank and then revise the access point. Somehow I get the feeling that it won't be as straightforward as I hope it will be, but what else is new in the life of a RMIT (real man in training - I just came up with that acronym, isn't that clever?)?

Until then, thanks for reading.

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