Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Driving and More Driving

The things that parents do, though it's really a situation of self-imposed suffering because as parents we have the right, and if anything the duty, to say no. Then again, it's not always easy to say no to your kids, especially in this age of indulgence that we live in. This past weekend mom and I had to do some major driving all over the area so that the kids could enjoy themselves. N had a LAX tournament in M'bury, for which we made the commute both Sat and Sun. A went to visit friends down in Connecticut and mom drove her down to that. It's a good thing I changed the oil and rotated the tires on both cars.

A has a fairly big social circle and several of her friends via camp live down around Boston, some as far as Connecticut. Many live around us but she only gets to see her camp friends once, maybe twice, a year. They seem to like to have social gatherings with each other down there, and they always invite her but the distance makes it difficult. We've driven her down in the past to the southern parts of New England but this was the farthest. We probably should have just said no but we set things in motion and she was really excited about it. As always, we'll be sure to be more firm the next time around... yeah, right. To add to the fun, A had band practice on Sunday afternoon so mom had to take her to that upon returning from Conn. Talk about a long day.

For N, his team has an annual tournament in M'bury and while it's not as far as Conn, it's still a bit of a jaunt. We thought about staying overnight but it's alumni weekend at M'bury College so it's hard to find a room. Plus, there's the issue of cost. So we drove back and forth both days. It's a lot or road time and can be exhausting, but in the end you just stop complaining (sort of) and just do it. The tournament was fun, though on the last day several of the key players did not show up, which I thought was surprising, especially since two of them are the coaches.

In the end we survived, and since things are winding down on several fronts we were able to sit down to supper together Sunday evening, which is always nice. Sundays seem to be these crazy days where we're pulled in several different directions, which was the case this Sunday though things seemed to finally calm down at the end of the day. I'll take it. Now LAX is over, A's band practice schedule is shifting, school is winding down, and we are ready to tackle summer. The fun just never stops.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to John Westrock for the pic.

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