Thursday, August 11, 2016

Weed Whacking Fun

Along the lines of the kids helping out, N has stepped up and taken over weed-whacking duties, and he says he enjoys it. A win-win situation if there ever was one. I think he likes anything to do with machines, especially ones that destroy things in their paths. The weed-whacker does a great job of obliterating plants, and even I have to admit that it's both satisfying and fun. Like everything, however, it's just one more thing to deal with and when you have a long list of jobs to do, even fun ones can become a burden. I'm glad he likes it, and now our yard is being attended to.

It also feeds into his engineer itch because he's interested in not only how it works, but how to maintain it. He actually did the hard part of re-loading the twine, which I find to be a chore. And he did it with minimal intervention on my part, which is too cool for words. He's pretty much self-sufficient in terms of using the machine, leaving me more time to sit on the couch and take naps... not.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to K. Carter for the pic.

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