Thursday, August 11, 2016

Racquet and Club In Hand

N and I have become quite the country club regulars, taking full advantage of my access to both golf and tennis, on the indoor court, no less. There's racquetball, as well. The Inn has an 18 hole golf course that is pretty nice and we get to use it because of my job. It's a pretty serious course so we have to abide by the rules and decorum, which includes shirts with collars. I wasn't even sure if I owned a shirt with a collar. We try to go when it's least crowded because we don't want to play with a crowd around us, either in front or behind us. In front because I can't vouch for the control my shots, and behind because we're a little on the slow side and don't want to hold people up. Since you have to make a reservation they're good about scheduling people with enough of a time cushion so that you're not all on top of each other. They know the drill.

The other day we made a reservation but we got rained out. Luckily we also had our racquets with us so we just headed over to the fitness center and played tennis on the indoor courts. They were being used so we just played racquetball until they were done, though the transition from racquetball to tennis is an odd one and takes some adjustment. The two sports require a completely different arm motion and you have to transition between the two.

It was a fun day and I have to say that it's been nice playing tennis and golf this summer. N is becoming quite adept at both sports, and it's nice for him to develop interests other than hockey. As much as I love the sport there is a level of fanaticism that I am not completely on board with even though I succumb to it when it's around. It's good to have some healthy balance in life, don't you think?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to NAU Rec Center for the pic.

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