Sunday, July 31, 2016

School Assessments

Time for dad to whine a little more about homeschooling because we have to do our end of year assessments, not to mention enrollment for next school year. It's a little stressful and kind of a bummer, but we've been here before, haven't we? Plus, whining will get you nowhere, though that hardly discourages me from employing it.

This year is a little different, however, because of several factors. First off, A is going to regular high school part time, so that changes the assessment process, though it lends some degree of legitimacy that I feel is missing when mom and dad teach a course. Second, we do not have to submit curriculums because we've fulfilled some sort of requirement that now makes us exempt. Finally, and this one is a biggie, our regular assessor is no longer doing assessments, which is a big bummer and meant that I had to go out and find another person who is not only qualified to do it (i.e., a licensed teacher), but is willing to do it.

For whatever reason this year the state requested that we submit them by the end of July, which is not going to happen on this end. In the past we relied on the month of August to tie up loose ends and get all we needed to get done before the Labor Day deadline. A month beforehand is a big stretch. It did, however, get the ball rolling sooner and that's not a bad thing. I am currently in the midst of getting things together but it's always a chore at first. Plus, there's a lot going on.

Maybe I just need to whine a little more. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Jan for the pic.

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