Friday, July 15, 2016

All the World's a Stage

Our lives seem to be one big stage, and it's a little bit crazy... in a good way, of course. A has been involved with a big local play production and believe me when I tell you they don't mess around. They expect a lot from these kids, and I think they respond to the challenge and do a great job. The production company does not mess around and in reality they are a professional company, not some amateur volunteer group, which for the record can put on amazing productions. I've just noticed the level of professional commitment with these guys.

The entire month of July has been pretty much dedicated to this play, and A has been enjoying herself because she's in the band so she gets to do what she really enjoys, mainly play guitar and perform on stage. Personally I think she's a very good actor and a natural performer, but I don't think it's a passion for her. She's more comfortable being in the band. Fair enough.

The rehearsals have been all day affairs, starting from the morning and going until the evening, mainly because they have to work with the actors/directors and then the band has to rehearse the music. It works out for me because I can take her in the AM then head off to work, and then mom can pick her up after her work. It's a lot of juggling and organization but definitely doable. Most importantly, she's really enjoying it. I was pondering getting N involved in some of the production/crew aspects, but not only is he uninterested (it's always his first reaction), but I'm thinking it's good to get him involved in things that aren't always connected with his sister. There is, however, the convenience of dropping the kids off at the same location. Oh well, you just can't have it all, as every parent is reminded of each and every day.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Justin Hawks for the pic.

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