Sunday, July 31, 2016

One Window At A Time

Like everything in my life, painting the windows presents me with this incredibly time consuming task that somewhat overwhelms me to the point that I simply try to ignore it and hope it goes away. The unfortunate fact remains, however, that these sort of things never go away, and the longer they are put off, the more they seem to fester and wound. Such is the case with these windows, which really need to be painted on a regular basis, at least more regular than I have been doing.

I started out gang-busters painting the house, only to realize that I did it backwards and should have painted the windows and trim, first. I made this same mistake last time I painted and it bummed me out so much that I just stopped the whole endeavor. This time around I'm suffering a similar consequence but have vowed to get the windows done; there is simply no choice in the matter, and the way I'm getting around my mental block is by simply painting one window at a time. The path to realization is paved with realistic goals, especially for a whiner like myself.

With this in mind, I'm finding that it's slowly but surely happening. It doesn't help that it's so hot outside, but if I can work around the peak sunlight, it's not so bad. Besides, it's only one window at time, surely I can pull that off. So far I think I've finished the first floor windows, and now begins the fun part: painting the second floor, which means standing on a ladder and doing battle with the hornets. This should be good.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Nick Glasson for the pic.

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