Friday, July 29, 2016

Tee Time

This seems a bit crazy to me having had little to no experience with golf my life, but I have recently taken a sincere interest in the game. How crazy is that? Not only are we going on a fairly regular basis, but I'm actually getting into it, trying to be thoughtful about my game and taking time to slow down and focus on my swing. I've found that being thoughtful and embracing the finer qualities of the game actually makes it much more interesting, and at the very least, makes it a good challenge. Then I'm not just going through the motions taking up space and time.

It kind of all started when I began working at the Inn. The reason for this is because we get to golf at the Country Club, and it's a lot nicer than the public courses we've been at previously. Not that we need some sort of high-end golf course, which this is, but the layout is much nicer and the space and beautiful landscaping make it a more enjoyable experience. Somehow I don't feel like everyone is on top of each other, and thus far it has not been stressful in terms of holding people behind us up, which is my biggest source of anxiety.

N has been a golf fan for a few years and he's been interested in going to the Inn course because it's the real deal. And since I'm his regular golf partner I usually go along, as well, albeit begrudgingly since I'm not such a golf fan. N will mention it now and then but to his credit he doesn't make a big issue out of it. We made a reservation a couple of weeks ago and got rained out, so we tried again last week and had fun. A lot of fun. The course is 18 holes and is designed to be pro-level, whatever that means. Apparently it's been rated one of the top golf courses in New England, or something along those lines, so it's not some cheesy golf course. Even I have to admit that it's nice.

And best of all, golfing was fun. I usually just drive the ball as far as I can and just do my best to get to the next tee, but after a few holes I decided to take my time and work on my swing. You realize that golf takes a lot of concentration and skill, and when I put my mind to it, it can be fun and rewarding. The enjoyment comes from the challenge. I think N approaches it that way because he is very earnest when it comes to things he enjoys. He's really a student of whatever grabs his interest, and he takes these things pretty seriously.

Now that we both enjoy golf, we can put some time into our game and get better. In fact, that's our goal, to become good golfers by the end of summer, or in my case, at least marginally competent. For the record, our first time doing the front nine (listen to me), I lost three balls but found 4 in the woods, so I came out ahead. I love when that happens.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to jlhildy for the pic.

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