Thursday, September 28, 2017

Going to the Fair

About a week or so back when A was doing one of her big trips to the big city, N was slated to hang out at home with his boring parents when the clouds parted and a glorious message was left on the phone by some his friends inquiring if he wanted to join them at the Tunbridge Fair. This was an exciting development because not only did he want to go, but he was joining two beautiful girls that are older than him. Talk about a crazy night out on the town.

Of course, the situation was not without a big of drama, as you can imagine. There was a message on the phone from AH asking if N wanted to join them at the fair. Now AH has a boyfriend and is a few years older, but her sister IH, who is a good friend of N's, was wondering if he would join the party. Then, to add to the fun, their other friend, NMP, who is also a good friend, was going, as well. N was enthusiastic about going, and this initiated the logistical drama that seems to be an integral part of my life.

I had to work that night, and mom was at work while the planning was going on. AH was going to drive, and she needed to pick the girls up from school after work. I had to be at work in the afternoon so I had to drop N off at a place where she could get him, but I couldn't get ahold of her. I spoke with their father, AG, and he said I should just bring N to his office in the big city and he could wait until his daughter showed up.

Now this would have been all fine and dandy if not for the fact that he didn't seem totally sure if his daughter was actually going to come to his office. The problem I faced was that if I dropped N off at his office and the girls didn't show up, he was sort of stranded there. AG assured me that it would all work out (he knows how neurotic I am), but just in case, I told N that mom could come get him if need be. In reality, AG lives right down the street from us, and AH was going to pick the girls up at some point, so N was basically all set.

So, I dropped him off, the girls picked him up, and they had a blast at the fair. It happened to be middle and high school night, so he saw a bunch of his buddies. They stayed until pretty late, and even I got home well before he did, not that it mattered because we figured when you're out on the town with a bunch of cute girls, you just can't rush the situation.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Jacob Haller for the pic.

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