Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crazy But Great Weekend - We Survived

We managed to survive Farm Fest. Great weekend on many levels. Got the Open Fields School experience, and got the Farm Fest weekend done. Had to scramble with last minute preparations because organization and planning was not optimal, but what a learning experience. Will have to take that into the next situation, learn from your mistakes, and many were made.

Saw lots of old and new friends at Farm Fest, a great time, and it was fun manning the table with HD worked the crowd. The kids helped and GK&T showed up, so it was beautiful. A, N, and T played and had a blast while we did out thing. Personally thought the bike blender was a big hit, and we ended up losing money because we gave the milkshakes away, but it was fun and all in the spirit of the event.

And of course we saw CB, and it's clear to us, though not our kids, that the honeymoon is over. The friendship seems to have run it's course, and it's heartbreaking to watch your kid get ditched for another, but such are the hard lessons in life. It's all awkward, as well, because clearly something changed and we now have to dance around the issue. A got the big cold shoulder from CB and I think the writing has been on the wall for awhile. Time for us to move on.

But we managed to have fun, nonetheless, and now we are more well aware of where we stand and can get on with our lives.

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