Sunday, June 14, 2009

Geting it Done, Keeping My Feet Moving, and Kid Updates

I may have gotten in over my head, but I feel good about helping out. I promised to write something for World Partners in Education, and met with DO and talked it over. I felt good about it, I really believe in their mission to help these kids and want to do my part. But like everything, it all sounds so much simpler than it really is, and I found myself toiling and stressing over the project, mainly because I wanted to do a good job and it took time away from other things. Nonetheless, I finished the piece, sent it DO, and am awaiting his thoughts. A little stressful, though. I'm finding that when you venture into a new arena the rhythm and flow of the writing comes to an abrupt halt as you find your footing. It's disconcerting and challenging, but can be satisfying when you just deal with it. I hope they like it.

Now that it's done, I need to keep moving and keep writing. Got to crank out content, it's the whole point of my existence. I do have a new flavor of the month theory regarding writing, though, and it entails me focusing on the bread and butter writing and no putting as much into the challenging stuff. I.e., spend more time making lot of small change rather than hoping for the big payoff. We'll see how far this goes.

On the parental front, no word from CB, which I think is effectively over. I'm not sure what to make of it, we seem to dance around it when we see each other and it's very awkward, not to mention utterly heartbreaking to see the kids disappointment, but maybe that's the reality of life. Then again, we are sheltering her from it, but it seems to work both ways. I don't believe it's just a case of us reading too much into it. Something has changed, and I truly believe CB has lost interest in our kids as friends. Why, who can say, but I do know a few things. She never returns A's calls, and for that matter, never calls her. When we see her outside of a playdate, she cold and distant to our kids, and when she is with one of her other friends, she completely ignores our kids.

It's tough to watch because our kids are oblivious to her distancing them, or on the flip side, I'm way too neurotically sensitive and aware of it. Another part of the problem is that A is borderline infatuated with CB, and it is NOT reciprocal. Fair enough, but I think to have a healthier approach to the interaction, maybe some distance is in order, though at this point, the distance is becoming insurmountable.

So, we try to keep things moving ahead. Still really feel we need another car, but I'll leave it at that. We did manage to score guitar lessons for A, and they are in walking distance. How cool is that, and she's an amazing teacher. KR is a brilliant singer and performer, and she and A really clicked. In fact, she wanted to first meet her, and at the first meeting she said A was really advanced and had a natural feel for playing. I was beaming, and wanted to tell her that she had really only been playing for about three to four months, but I kept my mouth shut. No need.

Horses have been good, as well, and I think we may see J and company on our day. Cool, more friends for our kids to play with, and IS is way more A's speed. Haven't seen the Mack's in days and I've given up on trying, they are too busy and it gets exhausting trying to coordinate with AG because she's all over the map. We'll see them when we see them, but I won't expend any more energy trying.

T-ball is over and even though I got corralled into coaching, it was a great experience. I think it helped N to have me there, even though I resisted the idea of being too involved, but it also allowed me to get know some of the other parents (potential playmates for our kids) and help out where help was needed. I'm still struck by how much parents just don't want to help, even when it comes to their children. Glad I could help, and I enjoyed meeting RM, the coach, who impressed me to know end in his dedication to his kids and the community. Great guy, even if it seemed like he hated me in the beginning. See, being an assistant coach opened that door.

Now, when I see the other parents, I can say hello, and at least (maybe?) get a nod of recognition. Then again, it could be wishful thinking.

N had a great time in t-ball, and he came a long way. The kids were too young, no doubt about it, but they improved over the season, and they had fun. It really made an impression on N, he had a blast, and being the overly biased person that I am, still feel like he's a natural. He can catch the ball regularly and his swing is awesome. When he connects he rips the ball. I think over the course of the next year we'll keep practicing and he'll be ready for the next level.

He also wants to learn drums, but we'll ponder that one.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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