Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reflecting on Another Week

We had a good week, lots of good vibes, and some interesting signs, if you believe in that sort of thing, although I can't read my notes and can't figure out what GB stands for. Bummer.

Either way, the weather has been strange, and that puts a damper on things. Summer is here, no doubt, but we've been socked with rain. Nonstop precipitation falling from the skies, and no sun in sight. Not sure what to make of all that.

We are developing out regular thing with G&T, and it's been good. The kids really get along really well, and others out there are making connections. Finally got in touch with AB and his ex, another odd situation and yet another sign of the times. Back to that old 50%, but more on that later.

We have not had too much luck with the Mack's, they're just too busy, though if I really wanted to see them, I'd just give them a call, because this email thing just doesn't cut it. Especially when the other end is too darn busy. Oh well, on the bright side, don't have to hear about how brilliant she and he son are, but that just comes with the territory.

We are in the process of getting the barn project back in gear, and it might take off life wild fire because GL is chomping at the bit with a slow flying season. He may very well bust my balls in many pieces, but sometimes that's the only way to get things done.

I also received and formatted my new hard drive, all by lonesome. Not bad for a clueless SAHD.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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