Monday, January 27, 2014

Positive Hockey Feedback

It’s funny how things work out. We have been doing homeschool hockey and one of the parents used to play Division 1 hockey in college and did a short stint in the professional minor leagues. He’s the real deal and plays in the adult league, I’ve seen him on the ice. The guy is pretty incredible, but truth be told, a lot of those guys on the ice are pretty incredible.

That said, I was curious to get see what his thoughts were about youth hockey and maybe even get some feedback on N, but it’s an awkward situation, and I couldn’t work up the nerve to really approach him. Plus, you can’t ask that sort of question, it’s just too weird. I just left it at that. One day, however, we were playing on the ice and N was on a bit of a tear. One of the adult players saw him and commented on how good he was. Then, after the game, as we were leaving the bench, the hockey pro dad complimented N on his play, and then asked me if he was my son. I said yes, and he said, “He’s a great little hockey player.”

Music to my ears... at least partly. For the record, I never know what to say in these situations, even though it’s exactly what I like to hear. Usually I just say he loves hockey. Even though my mind is racing with questions to ask, how do you ask them without seeming like a nut? Simple, you don’t.

Besides, does it really matter in the end? No, but that won’t stop me from obsessing over it. One day I might work up the nerve to talk to this guy, but in the meantime, we’ll just focus on having fun. I’ll keep my neurosis in my head, were it’s right at home.

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