Monday, January 27, 2014

Long Lost Friends

Last Monday was Martin Luther King Day, and a lot of our friends had the day off and were looking to hang. In the past, this meant parents looking for daycare, but a lot of these kids are old enough now to take care of themselves and don’t need adult supervision, at least within reason.

Having a day off school doesn’t affect our plan, but it does mean that our kids can spend the day with their school friends. This time around, we heard from our long lost friends, the H-Gs. We hadn’t seen them in ages, and kind of figured we’d all moved on in our respective directions. Sunday night we got a call asking if A&N could come over. It wasn’t a daycare situation because AH is old enough to be by herself. The kids wanted to see A&N because it had been awhile.

We were a little wary because it’s not always a good idea to leave teenagers alone in a house with an internet connection, even though we’re talking about a good group of kids, so I decided that I would hang out with them in the study while the kids had fun doing whatever it is they wanted to do, within reason. Again, as I mentioned, they are all good kids, but like all kids, benefit from a little guidance and oversight, don’t they?

It ended up being a really nice day, and AM came by with N to hang out, so we had a party. The kids even made lunch for themselves, which was pretty cool. Granted, it was Top Ramen, but the kids liked it, and a little Top Ramen now and then isn’t that bad, is it? It also gives them a little glimpse into what college eating is like, at least for me.

As some point HH showed up to take her kids somewhere, so it was nice to see her, as well. All in all it was a nice day, the kids had fun, I got some stuff done, and a good time was had by all. What more can you ask for?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to jiwoong lee for the pic. 

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