Friday, April 24, 2015

Dirty Dancing

The snow has melted and I think the ground is no longer frozen, which can only mean that it's time to think about the garden. We were pretty ambitious last year and things worked out pretty well, though we could have done some things differently. This year the planting season has kicked in and we're still resting on our laurels, but I think there is still time. The key thing will be to get the seeds going in the greenhouse and leave them in there longer. Last year we got our seeds started late and then (I think) put them in the ground too soon, the plants did not grow very big. I'm hoping to work out better this year.

The next question is what are we going to plant? We always start off with a lot of enthusiasm and then it peters out when push comes to shove. I may have to take the initiative and just start planting things, but sometimes that comes back to haunt me.

Oh well, I can't worry too much about it, right? Sometimes you just have to do it, consequences be damned. We'll see how this goes.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Pat Dumas for the pic.

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