Wednesday, April 1, 2015

To Run or Not to Run

That is the question. Spring sports are here, and N will be playing lacrosse (lax) and A usually runs track, but she is at a bit of a crossroads in this regard. She has hinted at not running track this year, and we support her in her decisions, but weren't sure why. Sometimes I'm not completely clear where she's coming from, but she has indicated that she's just not that into it anymore. I can understand but do think it's good for her to have something active to do over the spring term. Sports are not essential, but it is good for her to have some activity, because otherwise she would be content to just sit at home and read books and work on her computer.

These are all fine things, but it's important to exercise, as well. It is a little harder to motivate her, whereas N's first inclination is to get outside and move around. I don't want her to fall into just giving up when faced with a challenge, and though sports are not the end-all, there are some life lessons to be learned. She is dedicated to hockey, and having an offseason activity that helps her stay in shape is not a bad thing. Finally, there's some social aspect to track, and she'll be competing against and mingling with kids her age, which is also not a bad thing. Plus, she'll be the older kid, a position she likes.

We'll support whatever decision she makes. She'll be playing ultimate when the snow melts, and she can ride her bike and go on hikes and walks. The idea of her going mountain biking with us came up, but I'm not sure if that will be her thing, though she adapts to any situation and usually does well. She's very good in that regard.

We'll see how it goes. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Craig Shipp for the pic.

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