Monday, March 30, 2015

Rock and Roll Music

A has been taking guitar lessons for several years now and her teacher is very supportive, but it begs the question, does she want to take it to the next level? I'm not even sure what that is, but I do think she is a pretty cool guitar player, and she loves to perform. With that in mind, she mentioned playing in a band one day, and the opportunity has sort of come up to do just that. There is a place up here that organizes band scenarios for kids who are interested in finding a group of like-minded musicians. It's sort of a school, but sort of not. When someone wants to play, they match people up, they get a set list together, and then meet regularly at the studio to jam. Eventually they play gigs around the area, at small venues and locations. I've never been to one, but am interested.

A said she would like to try it out, but she's only been playing electric guitar for a couple of months, and even then, not too seriously. Her guitar teacher continues to teach her each week, but she has simply replaced her acoustic guitar with her electric. It's that simple, though she's never really sat down with a band and played. The school invited her to a rehearsal to sit and watch a band play, one that is currently seeking a new guitarist. I actually recognized the lead singer, she played hockey at one time. The band ran through their set list and I not only recognized most of the songs, but happened to like them, as well. They played the Dead, Rush, Heart, Radiohead, the Beatles. A pretty eclectic set list. Afterward A was excited but a bit daunted since the musicians know each other and have been playing for awhile.

With that in mind, she was reluctant to jump right in and join the band. We spoke to the director, TS, and he suggested A come in and play for him so he could give his input. A's guitar teacher, EE, gave her a ringing endorsement, but TS had never heard her play. We went over there last week and they played for about 30 minutes, and he said she would be fine playing with the band. Plus, he made the valid points that when you play in a band, you want to challenge yourself and elevate your level of play to become a better musician. This involves operating outside of your comfort zone, which we all know is the only way to develop and grow in whatever you do.

So now A is interested, and I think she wants to go for it. I am all for it, and think it would be a cool experience, not only musically, but socially, as well. Not that she will become buddies with her bandmates, but when you're a kid, there's something undeniably cool about playing in a band. Plus, A would benefit from a good challenge, especially one where she has a baseline level of talent and experience. It would provide concrete goals for her to focus on.

The band will be playing a gig in the coming weeks so A will check them out. She obtained a set list of their songs which she can practice, and I can help her in whatever limited way I can. It should be good.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Ibrahim lujaz for the pic.

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