Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy Birthday to A

We celebrated A's big birthday yesterday and even though it was low key, it was a very nice day, if I may say so myself. It wasn't over the top and though I feel bad sometimes that we don't throw these lavish parties with all the pomp and circumstance, I also believe that making a huge deal about one's own birthday is bit indulgent, maybe a little misguided, and perhaps even a little unhealthy. It's only one day, after all. Either way, as always, we try to stress the more important things in life, but birthdays are a big event, and even though we don't spend loads of cash, we make it a point to spend the day celebrating this special occasion.

This year A requested that she attend this big event down in Boston with two of her best friends in lieu of a big gift. She scored some very thoughtful things from her grandparents and aunt and uncle in this regard. We also hit her favorite stores to get her some things that will make her fashionable and cool (always important for this age group), and I told her that I'm on a mission to get her a new snowboard that she can ride with pride. This is not something she made an explicit request for, but the timing is good since the season is winding down and all sorts of sales will ensue. Her current board is adequate but totally "cool," so it's something she didn't expect but would love to have. BTW, she and her brother have become pretty darn good snowboarders, but more on that later.

We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast, and then mom and I started making treats for video club and after supper, since we'd be out all day. I woke up early and made cupcakes for the group, packed up a lunch, and headed off for the day. Mom stayed at home to make the cake, and the plan was to meet up with her later in big city to see a movie. After video club, I picked up the kids and we did some teen shopping, which took us all over town. Then we headed to the big city and did some more shopping before finally meeting up with mom. We had supper at the Noodle Shop, A and N got a bubble tea, and then we went to the movie.

We went to a free screening of Dartmouth Video Animation students, and it was pretty cool. They did a nice job, and it's cool to see what opportunities might be out there for the future. It was not like the National Gallery movie, which was painfully boring. After the movie, we came home, had cake and ice cream, and called it a day. I think A had a nice time, and it was just the right speed for boring mom and dad. Now I just have to keep my eyes out for a cool snowboard.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Mar Hernandez for the pic.

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