Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sick Winter

In addition to the long cold winter, with record cold temps and plenty of snow, we had our usual bout of illness. To be honest, I am still not 100%, maybe around 99% and for the most part feeling fine, but I still have a tiny bit of congestion and a cough. How much of a drag is that? This happens to us every year, and the boys seem to get harder than the girls. Why is that? The kids usually get it first, and for A there is a day or two of severity, and then she tends to heal well. R doesn't really get that sick, ever, but N and I get hit harder.

Actually, not so much harder, but it tends to linger longer. Last year I literally coughed for 6 months, and N coughed for a stretch. This year we didn't get hit as hard, but again, it hung on. We were back on our feet pretty quickly, but the bug never completely left. I think N is pretty much back to 100%, and even when he was a little sick, he is still highly functional, unlike me, who becomes a basket case when ill.

The cold weather didn't help, but that's the beauty of being a parent. No room for whiners and you have to just deal with it. Maybe a little whining, but that can't stop you from taking care of business. It's funny, because we went to meet an orthodontist and I was sick, so I asked for a face mask. When the orthodontist came in to meet me, I think he was taken aback by some guy wearing a mask in his office. Can't say I blame him.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Imonjarazbravo for the pic.

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