Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Just The Three Of Us

We've been riding without mom these past couple of days. It's a definite drag but we're glad she's doing some cool stuff. She's out of town until this Friday, so it's been just the three of us. Aside from the practical and logistical load that I've had to assume, it's tough when you're partner in crime (and life) is away. You're emotional and practical support is not there, and it definitely leaves a bit of hole in your life. We'll be glad when she gets back. Fortunately, I've got the domestic drill down, so I'm not completely clueless and lost... well, maybe just a little.

We've been using technology to KIT, with regular Skypes at least once, often twice a day. It's sort of fun, though we'll be happy to have her back in the house and eating with us at the table. Even though I'm waiting for hockey season to end, that and skiing have been keeping us busy, so we don't have time to pine... then again, there's always time for that when it comes to mom.

I guess we'll just have to ski more until she returns.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Tambako the Jaguar for the pic.

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