Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mom's Day Out

Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. We sure did. We spent the day just chilling out and letting mom relax and do whatever she pleased. The weather was unusually hot so it made outdoor activities a bit of a challenge. Mom got some beautiful tulips and some cards made by the kids, and we enjoyed a nice breakfast of French toast, bacon and strawberries. Mom lounged around and read while I did some things outside, mostly yard work and getting the wood pile back up to speed. As I mentioned, it was hot, so it set a limit on how much work I could actually do.

Around lunchtime we headed over to the Worthy Kitchen to have brunch/lunch, and that was nice, though I think the food was a bit bland. Definitely in need of more salt. I've found in my extensive experience with cooking that you can't make up for blandness by simply putting a sauce over a dish, it works best when each ingredient tastes good. I.e., food tastes best when it is adequately seasoned, rather than adding seasoning while you're eating it.

Case in point, I got the burrito, which was good, but again, a little bland. I could put salt and hot sauce over it, but it should taste good from the inside. Does that make sense? N got the ham steak and eggs and my first impulse was to question his choice - do you really want that? I held my tongue and let him get what he wanted, but it turned out to be just okay, and he's not a big egg eater, so I'm not sure why he chose that. He's got to learn these things himself, right? A got the burrito as well, and mom got the salad, which was really not that impressive. I would not be so nit-picky if the prices weren't so high.

After lunch the plan was to see a movie a the Hop, and we were early so we lounged at the library. I was bummed because I missed a golden opportunity to distribute posters in the big city, which is the key market, but sometimes you can't maximize efficiency during your every waking moment. We also decided to forgo ultimate frisbee because mom takes priority. Plus, it was too hot, the forecast called for thunderstorms, the teenagers couldn't make it, and the kids have been exercising like crazy at track and lacrosse. Plus, UF will be going on all summer, so we'll make it next week.

At the library I actually had a chance to relax, read, and even catch a few z's. The movie was something we wanted to see for a while, a Danish film about an all girl punk rock band called We Are The Best. It was your typical Euro movie, short on plot but heavy on character development. In fact, being the aspiring filmmakers that they are, A&N made this observation, as well. I liked the movie but could see that it was really geared toward a more culture-oriented audience, like a lot of European movies, especially French.

After the film, we stopped at a friend's house to care for their cat and baby chickens, which when you get down to it is a precarious combination. Just as we got there the sky opened up and we got some much-needed rain. Then it was home to relax and end an enjoyable day. Later that evening I called my mom and wished her a Happy Mother's Day, which is a bit out of character for me being the rotten son that I am, but maybe this is a new chapter in our relationship.

Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day, and thanks for reading, and thanks to Stephanie Klasen for the pic.

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