Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Two Days of Going Nuts

I have not had much in the way of doing standardized patient (SP) work but I was recently called in for two rigorous days and as you can imagine, it really threw our schedule out of whack. What's even crazier is that it's still the beginning of the week, and we have a few more days to go. I usually take on whatever days they of SP work they are offering because they are few and far in-between, and this time there was a double shift. I signed up for the two night shift slots, but they also had a morning slot that would have made my day difficult, so I was initially hesitant to take it on, but ended up going for it.

This happens to be a fairly crazy time with the kids, so we had to some massive scrambling to get things done. Many thanks go out to AMP and JG for helping me with rides, we couldn't do it without them. As you can imagine, R had to modify her schedule, as well, so it wasn't easy. On Monday I had an evening session and of course the kids had LAX and track. N's LAX game was optional so I told the coach we couldn't make it. A had a track meet in NH, so she went along with AMP, who had a carload of runners, which probably made it fun. I had to get to work so I took N along with me and met with R, who took over from there. I didn't get home until after 9:00PM, so it was a long day.

On Tue I had a morning session that I had to be at by 6:30AM, which meant little in the way of sleep, and was I ever tired. I was in a daze all day. R was at home and AMP took everyone to book club. I was finished around 11:30 so I went and picked the kids up and took the girls to track and then hung out with N until I had to go. This gave me about 1.5 hours to whip up a supper, which I had initiated in the AM. I made some soup and a frittata and some green beans. It would have been easier to just pick up something already made, but I like the fact that we eat home cooked meals, and it definitely saves money. When you drop a load of cash when you're dining out, it just ruins the experience for me.

After I had supper ready to go, I had to get N to LAX. The problem was that his game was too late for my schedule, so I arranged to take him to the G's house where he could hang with his buddy and teammate, CG. JG took them all to their game, and R went to get N from work, which is a bit of a trek for her, but she pulled it off.

I worked until about 8:00 and then headed home, where everyone was relaxing after a rigorous day. As always, it sure was nice to be home. Thanks again to everyone for helping to make this work. It really does take a village.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Rudolf Vlcek for the pic.

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