Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Finally Some Sun

The weather has been a bit of drag lately because it seems like we haven't had any sun... that is, of course, until today. Thank goodness for that. This past week, maybe even two weeks, it's been cold, cloudy, and rainy. It's crazy, especially when I was just in 90 degree temps in Cali. I've been wanting to mow the lawn and cut wood but haven't been able to, though for full disclosure it took me awhile to get the lawnmower and chainsaw prepped and ready. I know that if the weather had been nicer, I would have surely had them ready to roll much sooner... yeah, right.

Either way, to compound my angst, we've been burning wood regularly, thus depleting the pile that I need to replenish yet can't because the weather is too miserable. Will my suffering ever end? On a bright note, the cool weather (versus the heat) makes outdoor activities more pleasant, including sports like lax, at least for the players. At the past couple of games the fans, i.e., the parents, were freezing their YKWs out there. It was pretty miserable.

And to further promote my boundless optimism, the weather has been good to the flora - things are very green and flowery. It's actually a lovely day, and a testament to what a little sunlight can do to you disposition. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Daphne Correa dos Reis for the pic.

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