Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Missing the Tech Boat

As many of you might know by now I crashed my computer HD, or rather, it crashed on me. I don't know exactly what I did to facilitate this occurrence but I'm guessing I have blood on my hands. Either way, I was down for a couple of weeks and had to have some major repairs done, though fortunately I did back up most of my data.

What I didn't do was back it up in a way that would have preserved not only my operating system, but my software, as well. Consequently, I had to pay to have all that done, which is a bummer but a learning experience. And, for all it's worth, my computer has been cleaned out of all that excessive junk data and now runs smoothly and efficiently. This may be a combination of having exponentially less data on my hard drive as well as a solid state drive, or SSD. Whatever be the case, my computer now operates at warp speed.

What I had been doing wrong all this time was that I wasn't backing up my computer using Time Machine. Chalk it up to my ignorance and fear of the unknown, but every time you back up your Mac it asks you if you want to use Time Machine (TM). Of course, not knowing what TM was, I naturally said no, so my computer backed up just my data. Apparently what TM does is back up your OS as well as your software, such that when you replace or upgrade your hard drive, or lose everything because of a crash (been there, done that), you simply re-load it back onto your computer through TM. I have no clue how this works, but I do know that from now on I'm backing up with TM. It would have saved me some money and time, but as we all know, the hard lessons are the ones that we (hopefully) don't forget.

For now I'll keep chugging along. It's probably not a bad idea to be on the lookout for a new computer, because mine is 7 years old, which is 49 in dog years, and probably 98 in computer years. It still works fine but at some point some of the problems will be irreparable. This will not be as painful, of course, if I remember to back things up using Time Machine.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to suleiman alsubeihi for the pic.

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