Monday, January 22, 2018

Back Home and Back to Work (sort of)

Now that mom is back full time, we can live our lives as normally as possible, or at least as normally as possible given the circumstances. I think a trip back to her home is in our near future, but it would be nice if we could all make the sojourn and at least be together. This might be logistically challenging given our amazingly busy lives, but we're adults here, right? We can make things happen.

One thing that having mom back means is that I'm am better able to work, and thereby support our fabulous lifestyle. Catering work has ground to a halt, as it always does this time of year, but poster-boy work is once again up and running. It's been a cold snowy winter so walking around and delivering the good word is a challenge, but on a bright note, it's good to get out of the house, off my butt, and moving around. I don't have a single illusion that my work is glamorous or desirable to anyone, but as I've gotten older I can definitely see the benefit of moving around on a regular basis. This, I've learned, is not only something that people don't get enough of (if they even do it at all), but many people are actually proud of it.

It's not unlike splitting wood by hand or mowing the lawn with a push mower - sure, it can be hard work, and is looked upon as foolish in the era of technology that's supposed to make our lives easier, but easier is not always better. There's value to moving around, it's just that you don't realize this until it's too late and you're unable to get off the couch, unless of course it's to get the TV remote.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Fernando Coelho for the pic.

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