Friday, December 6, 2013

Life of a Pre-Teen

As A approaches her teen years (she’s pretty much already there), it’s interesting to see her grow up and mature. Part of this process of becoming a big girl is finding her parents, mostly her dad, intolerably embarrassing, but also finding her own fashion sense. It’s nice to see, the first steps to becoming a woman, and we like to see her develop her own “look,” as the saying goes. I can offer the male perspective, but mostly she and mom deal with the fashion needs.

I, however, can contribute on the practical side, and this includes storage of all these fashionable accessories. This usually takes the form of shelves and hooks, which for a weekend warrior like myself, are a breeze. It’s a bit more challenging with the winter weather, but I can operate a saw or drill in the cold, and minor painting jobs can be done in the basement. It actually works out nicely, especially if I’m even the least bit organized. Case in point, A needed hooks to hang various scarves, coats, and hats. I have plenty of wood to make trim on the barn, so I cut some boards, painted them white to match the trim in her room, and got some hooks at Home Depot. I put them in the wall and voila, more storage space. Piece of cake.

I love when that happens. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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