Thursday, December 12, 2013

Return to Drums

I was speaking with JG the other day, which for the record I thoroughly enjoy because she’s just an enjoyable person to be around, and she mentioned that her kids take part in a drumming class at their school, and that maybe N would be interested in joining in the fun. My first thought was yes, by all means, but then I figured I should check with him, first.

The problem with this approach is that he tends to say no to almost everything at first, even things he likes to do. I understand on some level because I, too, am hesitant to do anything that requires overcoming inertia. The only solution to this dilemma is to force the issue, sort of. We have taken an approach to trying something, no matter what, and then if it’s really horrible and he really hates it, then we can revisit the issue and, if need be, reconsider things. This almost never happens because he ends up enjoying the activity.

Besides, he needs some more activities, especially ones with his buddies. His social interactions are in fact expanding because of fun activities like rock climbing and hockey, but as far as I’m concerned, the more the better. This one takes place at the school, so he is around his friends from hockey and lacrosse, especially his best friend, CG. With this in mind, he readily agreed to give it a try, not that he had a choice in the matter. This should be fun, and it gives him some artistic release, which everyone needs, don’t you think? I believe there is marching involved, as well, so he gets to move around, making it a win-win situation, though the idea of marching in a parade I’m sure does not appeal to him.

Oh well, sometimes you just can’t have it all. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Scott Fillmer for the pic.

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