Friday, November 28, 2014

First Snow

We got our first snow, and it sure came in droves. I think we got at least 8 inches, if not more, and it's only Thanksgiving. This is forcing us to accelerate our search for winter gear, especially winter boots for N and a snowboarding coat for A. I had to go into the attic and bring down the ski gear, and it was discovered that A also needs new Nordic and Alpine ski boots and N needs new snowboard boots. Boy, whatever happened to hockey?

I have to say that the snow took me a bit by surprise. I knew the forecast called for it, but maybe I wasn't ready for so much of at once. We also need to get snow tires for the cars, and there are many places to be, so we can't ignore it. I spent all Thanksgiving morning shoveling out the car so I could head over to HH's house to feed her cats and then head over to another friend's house to feed their cat. We are a pet-sitting operation over here. Both friends live on big hills so I was relieved to see both their roads and driveways had been plowed. I was prepared to park far away and walk in if I had to.

On a bright note, once the snow falls, it means all forms of raking have come to an end, though I'm hoping to still split wood and get that year 2 pile finished... yeah, right. All in all the snow is beautiful and festive, and the kids are thrilled about it. N's enthusiasm might be tempered a bit by his ill-fitting boots, but that doesn't seem to prevent him from enjoying it. The kids have good attitudes about these things, which only compounds my guilt. We may have to venture out on Black Friday to take advantage of some bargains, which could be a first for us.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Sheila for the pic.

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